Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dizzy Gillespie at Newport 1960

I found an unknown and unissued Dizzy Gillespie video while I was searching for the available Newport jazz festival's audio and video materials, since its foundation in 1954. It's an essential Dizzy performance and must belongs to 1960, because it has the same stage as seen in Muddy Waters concert in 1960 NPJF. (and in this case it must be July 1, 1960)

He performs three songs; first his Afro-bop dynamic composition, 'Kush' - then 'Norm's norm' and finally a tune originally written for his wife, 'Lorraine'.

The quintet consists of Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Leo Wright (as/f) Junior Mance (p) Art Davis (b) Al Dreares (d); but I'm not sure about the drummer. Especially pay attention to Leo Wright on alto sax and his beautiful rhythmic punches to the quintet.

The quality of discovered video is low but it's watchable, and the sound - with exception of a couple of dead mikes - is good enough to get high with this forceful gig.

Since this great jazz document is transferred from a private VHS tape and has no legal restriction, I'll leave a ed2k link here. (just open up your emule or edonkey etc. and click on the link below -- the file will be launch automatically)

  • Technical info: VIDEO - Dizzy Gillespie Quintet - Newport Jazz Festival/323 Mb/ 20 mins/ mpg format "download"

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