Monday, September 14, 2009

Introduction to the music of Bunky Green

Last week me and my friend had a seven days non-stop jazz-listening session. It started from Tehran and ended up at the shores of Caspian Sea. Among the great records that we were discovering - under the theme of "fast tempo" records! - we introduced to the music of an unknown - at least to us – master of alto saxophone, Bunky Green.

We were prisoned between a narrow line of Albourz Mountain and shores of Caspian Sea; rain was pouring now and then, and Bunky's sound, like seabirds, was really something to listen. While a couple of sticks was on I told to myself “look at the colors, the sheets Bunky Green is creating with his sound, the beauty, strangeness and sometimes anger of it.” Back home, I started to learn more about Green and here is the result of that magical week:

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