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Blue Gene (Gene Ammons, 1958)

Blue Gene
Gene Ammons

Recorded: New York, May 2, 1958
(According to Jazz discography project recorded in Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ. That simply couldn't be true, because after all it's a Prestige session, not Blue Note. My LP liner notes say New York City is correct.)

Label: Prestige LP 7146 or Original Jazz Classics OJCCD 192-2

Idrees Sulieman (tp)/Pepper Adams (Barsax)/Mal Waldron (p)/Doug Watkins (b)/Art Taylor (d)/Ray Barretto (perc)

1-Blue Gene (13:54)
2-Scamperin’ (8:39)
3-Blue Greens and Beans (9:00)
4-Hip Tip (8:58)
Totall Time 40:31

All tracks composed by Mal Waldron.
(According to AMG some tracks are composed by Ammons himself and track three by a guy named Green (!), this is not true. Once again repulsive monopoly of AMG on music scene becomes clear, I’m tired of these worthless so-called reviews and ratings and misinformation)

Issues & reissues:
LP - Blue Gene; Blue Greens And Beans, Pt. 1&2; Biggest Soul Hits.
CD - Blue Gene; Greatest Hits: The 50s.

Session Details:
1509 Blue Greens and Beans Prestige 45-140, PRLP 7146; Fantasy OJCCD 6013-2
1510 Hip Tip Prestige PRLP 7146
1511 Scamperin' -
1512 Blue Gene Prestige PRLP 7146, PRLP 7306

We read about this album At AMG’s entry: "The final of Ammons’s series of jam sessions for Prestige features an excellent septet". First, it's not (and never intend to be) a jam session in true sense of the word, It's more a hard bop blowin' session with lots of energy but restricted in the field of the composed pieces by Mal Waldron. Second, this is not "the last" of anything because Ammons has other sessions for Prestige, after this one.
Let's forget about Scott Yanow of the AMG and dig this very good round up of two great saxophonists. This a great example of Chicago school of tenor sax by master Ammons.

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