Friday, July 10, 2009

Nat Hentoff's Liner Notes, Part II

Bob Brookmeyer’s official website has published Nat Hentoff’s original liner notes from five Brookmeyer albums, between 1961 to 1978. It was the responsibility of a cat like Hentoff to write some adoring lines on Bob’s greatness as he mentioned “... he always compelled attention...the sinuous power of bob Brookmeyer was in his subtlety of melodic line, time, and wit. And in the perennial freshness of his was as impossible for Brookmeyer to be dull as not to swing."

Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer - The Power of Positive Swinging (1964)

Stan Getz & Bob Brookmeyer - Recorded Fall 1961

Bob Brookmeyer - Gloomy Sunday and Other Bright Moments (1961)

Bob Brookmeyer - Portrait of the Artist: Bob Brookmeyer (1960)

Bob Brookmeyer -The Bob Brookmeyer Small Band: Live at Sandy's Jazz Revival (1978)

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