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Tubby Hayes Discography

Tubby Hayes Discography

Year/Album Title/Label/Release Date (if it hasn't release at its time - when recording date and release date isn't the same)/Session Dates (if it includes more than one date in two or more different years - mainly for compilations)

1955 The Swinging Giant Volume 1 Jasmine

1955-69 Blue Hayes, The Tempo Anthology Jasmine 2004

1956 The Yellow Rose Session BBC

1956 After Lights Out Jasmine

1956 Changing the Jazz at Buckingham Palace Savoy

1956 Little Giant of Jazz Imperial 1954-56

1956-57 Opus de Funk with Jimmy Deuchar Jasmine

1957 Tubby Hayes and the Jazz Couriers Jasmine

1958 The Swinging Giant Volume 2 Jasmine 1956-58

1958 All the Winners Pye Nixa

1958 The Jazz Couriers In Concert Music For Plesure 1967

1958-72 England's Late Jazz Great IAJRC 1987

1959 The Eighth Wonder Jasmine 1958

1959 The Last Word [the Jazz Couriers] Jasmine

1959 Tubby's Groove Jasmine

1959 London Jazz Quartet Ember

1961 Couriers of Jazz: England's Greatest Combo Fresh Sounds

1961 Equation in Rythm Fontana

1961 Introducing Tubbs Epic

1961 New York Sessions fontana

1961 Palladium Jazz Date with Cleo Laine Wing

1961 Portrait Ember 2000 1958-1961

1961 Tubbs Fontana

1961 Tubbs In N. Y. Wing 1967

1961 Tubby the Tenor Classic/Epic

1962 Down in the Village Fontana

1962 Late Spot at Scott's Universal

1962 Return Visit Fontana

1962 Tubby's Back in Town Smash [reissue of Return Visit]

1963 A Tribute: Tubbs Spotlite

1963 Tubbs - Live At The Dancing Slipper Spotlite

1963 At the Akadamie der kunste, Berlin ?

1964 Change Of Setting World Record Club

1964 Inventivity Candid

1964 Live in London, Vol. 2 Harkit 2005 1963-1964

1964 Tubbs Tours fontana

1965 Commonwealth Blues Art of Life 2005

1965 Intensity Tentoten

1965 Just Friends - with Paul Gonsalves Columbia

1965 Live at the Hopbine Harkit 2005

1965 Live in London Harkit 2004 1964-65

1965 Voodoo Session [soundtrack] Trunk

1966 100% Proof Fontana

1966 Addictive Tendencies Rare Music

1966 Jazz Tête à Tête Harkit 2004

1966 Night and Day Jazz House 1963-1966

1967 Lament Savage Solweig

1967 For Members Only Miles

1967 Mexican Green Fontana 1968

1969 200 % Proof ?

1969 Live 1969 Harlequin

1971 The Orchestra Fontana

1972 Quartet in Scandinavia Storyville 1998

1972 This Is Jazz - 100% Proof Philips

1972 Tubby Hayes IAJRC 1957-72

1972 Split the Difference with Splinters Reel

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  1. Many thanks for your hard work in producing this magnum opus!

    Tubby was a featured sideman in the 1963 album 'Swingin' Susan' by Susan Maughan, now out of print and difficult to get hold of, this comes from a limited edition Japanese CD:


    I've also posted the oop 'New York Sessions' and 'Introducing Tubbs' at:


  2. I had the great privilage to meet Freddie Logan
    who played bass on the classic Tubbs live albums, "Down In The Village" and "Late Spot At Scott's" in 1990.

    He was a very charming man, and his stories inspired me to buy the magnificent "New York
    Sessions" which features Clark Terry, a few weeks later.

    I am not alone in thinking Tubbs was the greatest jazz musician to come from the UK.

    Just check out "Soho Soul". Jazz doesn't get much better than this track.

  3. Wow what a collection!
    Thanks Ehsan!

  4. Ehsan,
    Any way of downloading these gems?


  5. Fabio,

    My focus is only on research, but if you google up I'm sure you'll find some of these titles for download.