Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Place (Bunky Green, 2006)

Bunky's last studio album up to this day which is recorded in New York City under the management of Steve Coleman and probably unable to find a distributor had been remained in shelf for two years. Now it has been released by an obscure French label, Label Bleu.

There are six tunes in this collection, four of them copmosed by Bunky himself. Line up consists of pianist Jason Moran, bassist Lonnie Plaxico and drummer Nasheet Waits.

It's a good example of how a great musician under any circumstances could produce such a warm and personal jazz statement while this music supposed to be dead or at her last breathes.

He cry out his love songs, the same way Jackie McLean did in his masterpieces like Let freedom rings. His alto doesn't want to beg or be charming like Paul Desmond. Despite the fact that Alto has a feminine sound Bunky and cats like McLean can produce a masculine sound from it.

"He has flawless control of the alto's upper registers and his own form of the blues cry: piercingly passionate, yet always integrated within exquisitely crafted solos that are teeming with ideas. He can play "inside" and "outside" when apt within a single tune, so if the McLean of Destination Out (Blue Note, 1963) resonates for you, so will Bunky Green." says Norman Weinstein [all about jazz] about this very well executed record.

Track listing:
It Could Happen to You; With All My Love; Another Place; Tune X; Be; Soul Eyes.

Bunky Green: alto saxophone; Jason Moran: piano; Lonnie Plaxico: bass; Nasheet Waits: drums.

آخرين آلبوم استوديويي استاد ساكسفون آلتو، بانكي گرين، كه در نيويورك و با حمايت هاي مالي استيو كولمن ضبط و در پاريس منتشر شده است. مانند آلبوم هاي ديگر گرين موسيقي بين اجراهايي پرشور و جكي مك لين وار (منتهي با صدايي بهتر از جكي) از بالادها (نغمه هاي عاشقانه) و قطعات اريژينال بانكي كه مي توان آن ها را نقاشي هاي اكسپرسيونيستي او با صوت ناميد نوسان دارند و مي تواند مدت هاي مديد در اتاقتان شنيده شود بدون اين كه ملال و تكرار از زيبايي مسلم آن چيزي كم كند.

توضيحات بيشتر در متن فرنگي بالا موجود است و لينك شنيدن آلبوم در بخش كامنت.


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  2. Aha! another album of a guy I didn't know till the other day. thanks