Thursday, October 28, 2010

Soul Food (Bobby Timmons, 1966)

Bobby Timmons is one of my favorite gospelly jazz pianists. A master of rhythmic innovations and superb interpreter of standards, especially in live dates. As far as the funky piano style is concerned, among all pianists from Horace Silver and Junior Mance to Les McCann, Timmons is is the one that I really have the utmost groove with.He was Art Blakey's Jazz Messenger's pianist and the one who wrote Moanin', a Blakey anthem tune for many years and one of the most played items in the whole history of jazz.

Here, Soul Food is a rare Prestige recording in trio format from 1966, which is usually paired with another LP, Soul Man! in reissues. It is not a great example of Timmon's artistry or his harmonic sophistication - in that case I recommend This Here Is Bobby Timmons, 1960, or In Person, 1961, both from Prestige catalog - but it's a good demonstration of his sheer energy when he really wants to groove.

He is accompanied with Lee Otis on bass and Billy Higgins on drums. First four tracks (Giblets, Turkey Wings, Angel Eyes, Cracklin' Bread) are from a September 30 date and others (Stolen Sweets, Make Someone Happy, Sauce Meat) from October 14, 1966. Now eat your Soul Food!



  1. Thanks so much - Soul Food is one of the harder BT's to find

  2. You can't imagine how good it makes me feel to know someone is still 'enjoying' Bobby's music!! He and I were a little more than soulmates some years ago:-) Maybe I have some of his music you might want???

  3. Thank you Anonymous,

    is it possible to email me your catalog of Bobby to e_satchmo at hot mail? many thanks.

  4. I realise that I'm a little late to the party, but Bobby Timmons is such a hero! It was lovely to find this in this lovely little corner of the internet, thank you!

  5. Count me in on that too, Anonymous. I'm producing a special on Bobby for Black History Month in 2013 so whatever stories and music you have about the original Mr.T, would be great.
    My email is