Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Chronological Classics' Project

An ongoing project of compiling a discography and reviewing Jazz releases by French label, Chronological Classics.

Table of Contents [some parts are not available yet]:

Benny Goodman 1952-54 #1465
Sonny Rollins 1951-54 #1466
Buddy DeFranco 1952-53 #1467
Pearl Bailey 1950-53 #1468
Tommy Dorsey 1939-40 #1469

  • The CDs I've reviewed so far:
Duke Ellington 1950 (Classics 1217)
Jelly Roll Morton 1939-1940 (Classics 668)
Louis Armstrong 1944-46 (Classics 928)
Lester Young 1951-1952 (Classics 1325)
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1947-1948 (Classics 1119)
Cootie Williams & His Orchestra 1941-1944 (Classics 827)
Red Norvo Trio 1950-51 (Classics 1422)

Last update: November 25th, 2010.
© All rights reserved for Ehsan Khoshbakht.


  1. Hello Ehsan

    I am a Classic-Jazz Fan from France, and architect too ; but I don't work too much anymore (I'm 67)

    I just discovered your Blog, and I like it very much
    specially your interest for the chronological classics, that seems to have disappeared ?
    an other serie is doing the same job :
    "Complete Jazz Series" that you can find on Deezer, and on Spotify

    This Site, SPOTIFY, is really wonderfull, and I subscribed to it, it's worth the money I think.

    You can see me on these sites :


    my email : Kilouis@gmail.com

    Have a nice Day :)

  2. Thanks for your very nice comment Jean Louis.Now that I have your email, whenever I come to France (Paris?) maybe we could drink a coffee and discuss Duke Ellington, and if you came to Iran, please do the same.

  3. Do you have a list of the "Alternate Classics" series from the Austrian label Neatwork?


  4. @Jason

    Unfortunately I don't. but many tracks in The Alternative Takes CDs are the same as Classic editions.

  5. http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/label/Neatwork/a/Neatwork


  6. Thanks for the link, Jason. I'll check that definitely.

  7. Need Help!
    Trying to find Info on copyright/license holder for old jazz track...

    by Johnny Doods Trio
    Written By Jimmy Blythe

    Apparently in the public domain??
    Want to use music track for a documentary opening/closing music.

    Noone has any idea.Track linked to several modern recod lables(neatworks) that have gone bust...so whom did they get rights from??


  8. If from 1929, then it is public domain in both EU and US. Laws say 70 year for copy right issues. By the way there must be a website for that to make sure it's free to use.

  9. Re: Johhny Dodds Info
    Thanks for that.
    Website I downloaded from was called "Open Music Sound Archive". They claim it also in Public Domain. They donwloaded it from(BL) "The British Library". Have contacted BL multiple times-no replys. Contacted Open music Archive- No reply. I Live In Australia (think copyright status is that of UK-life plus 70 years) even contacted Australian Music Industry People in Australia-No replys. It seems noone replys and there are no website's I can find that tell me if it's free to use.
    Even Track hard to find anywhere as it was an "alternate track". When there is a refernce, the modern record label who put out the compliation is impossible to track down or gone out of business.
    Noone can give a definitive answer.
    Was wondeing if should take out a blanket license to cover my bum??? Or just go ahead and use it saying "have lots of evidence/emails that I tried to contact people, track down license holders but noone replied. Willing to pay license fee if someone comes forward with EVIDENCE they own it! "
    What's your thoughts?

  10. Terry, I don't want to suggest anything that in a way "harm" your position, but I really don't think any danger is hidden in using that piece of music. One last practical option: make a short video (just slides) for the song, upload it in YouTube, and see what happens. YouTube has a very advanced detecting system that automatically recognizes the songs and when it processes the video says, for instance, "this video is blocked in Germany by BMI", or "in UK, by Sony", etc. And then you'll understand if this 82 year old child have any parents or not!

  11. Thanks for all your help.
    Will Try That.
    You have been the only one who has helped.
    It is must appreciated.