Monday, January 13, 2014

Jazz Parade in Twickenham

While searching on YouTube, I came across this fascinating footage from a mid-fifties jazz parade in London. Brian Rutland, a trumpet player who has provided the video, adds his commentary to the footage of the jazz ball:
"These movies were taken in 1955/56. My first band, The Grove Jazz Band (my family lived in The Grove , Isleworth at the time), often hired a lorry to advertise the various venues where we were playing in the area e.g. the Swan, Rose & Crown, The Town Hall at Isleworth, the Barmy Arms in Twickenham and the first jazz sessions to be held at Eel Pie Island (sometime before Arthur Chisnall became involved).  The clips show a local college rag parade with floats passing though Isleworth High Street with the Grove JB on the lorry and Ken Colyer's marching band. If you look closely you will see Acker Bilk, not in band uniform, marching in the front line - this was before his rise to fame. There are various clips of the band and dancers at jazz clubs. And finally the band preparing and setting off to tour Twickenham and adjoining areas to promote the Twickenham clubs. Also see photos at 1950's pics - The Grove Jazz Band / Eel Pie.  The cover music was recorded by my band in 1968 and is now on a CD. The Brian Rutland Band "Doctor Jazz". The personnel included Gordon McKay (trombone), Mike Atterbury (clarinet), Dave Rylance (piano), Paul Sealey (guitar), John Boddy (bass), Colin Bowden (drums) and Johnny Silvo (vocals)."

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