Thursday, December 26, 2013

Image of the Day: Tubby Hayes + Charles Chaplin

Today I spotted the great British tenor saxophone player, Tubby Hayes, in a scene from Charles Chaplin's A King In New York, shot in Shepperton Studios in England, 1957. Other band members seen in this shot are Tony Crombie, playing the drums (while his cymbal is positioned exactly on Chaplin's head) and Jimmy Logan, bass. Does anyone know the trumpet player? [update: the trumpeter is probably Les Condon. See comments.]


  1. my guess is that it's Les Condon on trumpet. Here he is playing with Peter King in the Tony Kinsey quintet:

    1. Thanks! I think your guess is most probably right as they look identical, plus Condon has recorded with Tubby in Jazz Tete-A-Tete. By the way, what a great footage of Peter King with the Tony Kinsey Quintet!