Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jazz in Iran Demographics

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This very interesting demographics, showing gender and age of people listening to my recently started Jazz for Iran radio program, reveals something that needs more study and more appreciation: most of them are born during, or shortly after the revolution. They are born in a time that music, listening to it, or playing it was something out of question and simply belonged to the realm of satanic pleasures. Now one wonders how this affection, understanding, or curiosity emerged among this generation and how they kept exploring whatever was "forbidden" to them. This comes from Facebook page of the radio. All comments are welcome!


  1. hi ! I'm Juan Carlos Hernandez, jazz photographer. I just discovered your blog searchin for a Mingus photo on the web. Fantastic blog !!! I^m happy to know you and i feed your rss now. Kind regards

  2. Juan, I'm happy that you find this Train interesting. Thanks for taking the ride.

  3. Many Iranians were born after the revolution, and furthermore Jazz was never considered "satanic" In Iran. So don't flatter yourself.