Monday, December 21, 2015

I Don't Dig Garbarek's Music, But If You Do...

I'm interested in anything categorized under the uncategorizable family of jazz, while being aware of the problem that most of it turns out to be anything but jazz. The video I'm posting here, at least to my ears, falls into non-jazz category. Yet, it is an example of a product sold as jazz and bought in huge quantity by European jazz festivals.

Since I've promised to digitize and publicize all my jazz VHS tapes, I do post this as an act of completion: The Jan Garbarek Group playing Jim Pepper's Witchi-Tai-To in Stuttgart, Germany, 1992.

This ECM artist sounds so thin and mechanical that I wonder why the labeled never released, for instance, Kenny G.?

To me, jazz remains to be an urban, modern sound, always transcending the most materialistic objects and situations into sublime beauty. And it doesn't sound like music played by Scandinavian shepherds in 17th century.

The length of the video is approximately 7 minutes. Watch/listen and if you found anything worthy of discussion, anything that can music-wise convince and convert me, please leave a comment. Otherwise go and listen to Phil Woods instead.


  1. Nice blog.I know your interesting.Really wonderful. I love music more.

  2. Thanks, Ehsan. I only read this just now and you are so right. I never understood the Gabarek phenomenon either.