Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cine-Jazz Comic-Strip Exhibition in Tehran

I think it must be the first of its kind. What me and my artist-musician collaborator, Naiel Ibarrola, are doing is combining comic strip illustrations with painting, cinema and jazz. Our first exhibition of such material will be open in 6 days (February 7, 2014) at the Aun Gallery of Tehran.

If cinema itself has been freewheeling in its use and abuse of other art forms to show what influential British film critic Raymond Durgnat calls “the impossible,” why, when it comes to talking about films, should we be limited to literary forms of expression? Now what if that film is about jazz, another art form great in making  the impossibles, possible.
Aun Gallery, Tehran
That's why one of the three major collections which will be shown at the Aun Gallery is based on our favorite jazz films. Each illustration is devoted to exploring major concept in films about jazz. The colors used allude to how each musician sounds and how those films feel, and frames within the frame, more or less, reflect the filmmaker’s very specific way of handling the compositions or the overall feeling of the film in terms of mise-en-scène and narrative.

If you are in Tehran, please pop in!

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