Thursday, October 17, 2013

Four Trumpet Masters

I'm knee-deep into London Film Festival and an overdose in film has kept me away from this venue and blogging on jazz. For the sake of reassurance, and promsing that I would return to jazz life soon, I'm posting a recent VHS transfer of a fabulous trumpet summit in which the cream of Ellington and Basie trumpet alumni are on stage together: Joe Wilder, Snooky Young, Harry "Sweets" Edison and Clark Terry!

The event was originally presented as the Legendary Trumpet Masters at the Jazzfestival Bern '97 (May 1) in Switzerland. In addition to the trumpets, our favorite Hank Jones is on piano, Jesper Lundgard on bass and Clarence Penn on drums. The whole concert (also featuring Doc Cheatham), including its nine songs, intro and interviews was broadcast on Swiss and German TVs in 1997.

Trumpet men can be soulful and stylist singers too (Kenny Durham was a great example), and if you miss hearing them sing some cheerful tune, CT and Snooky will do a little bit of that near the end of this performance.



  1. Thank you, Ehsan! And welcome back!


  2. Happy birthday Ehsan!

    It's probably strange but I'm "missing you to some degree".