Sunday, September 15, 2013

Earl Hines Documentary (1975)

This English documentary about the father (AKA Fatha) of jazz piano, Earl Hines, came to the online world some months ago. Beautifully shot by two-time Oscar winner DP of The Mission (Robert DeNiro, Jeremy Irons) and The Killing Fields (Sam Waterston), and directed by the Scottish TV documentary maker Charlie Nairn, it was filmed during Hines's rehearsals in the Blues Alley Club, Washington, DC.

Many thanks to the uploader Mark Bunker.

Recommended: Earl Hines with Benny Carter, another rare concert footage here.


  1. Just WOW!!
    Don't you think Hines' music just builds and builds in the most incredible way thru this film? I've never seen - I mean heard - anything like it: a truly GREAT film. Thank you.

    1. I agree. If there's a better jazz vid tell me about it. It's magic stuff.

    2. Watch this space for more videos in the next few months.