Wednesday, April 17, 2013

22 Trumpet Players!

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Looks like a dream, but it really happened in the summer of 1961 in Central Park, New York. For this photo session, twenty-two trumpet players from different generations have appeared in front of Herb Snitzer's camera.

From back left to right, the trumpet players are: Johnny Letman, Doc Severinsen, Max Kamisnky, Ted Curson (standing), moving to the next row, Ernie Royal is looking at the left, Booker Little, Joe Thomas, Yank Lawson is sitting next to Clark Terry behind the table. Again, starting from left, Don Ferrera, Nick Travis (with glasses), Bobby Bradford, and on the far right Jimmy Nottingham (sitting near CT). The next row: the very dark gentleman gazing at some out-of-frame point is Herman Autrey. Then moving to right we have Joe Newman, Dizzy Reece, Freddie Hubbard and Henry "Red" Allen, all sitting  tight next to each other. And finally the front row giants are Buck Clayton, Roy Eldridge fooling with Dizzy Gillespie and the beautiful Charlie Shavers.

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