Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Guide to Best Jazz Scores for Cinema#1

Duke Ellington
Anatomy of a Murder
Otto Preminger
Music Directed/Conducted by: Gerald Wilson - Musicians: Clark Terry, Cat Anderson, Harold Baker, Gerald Wilson, trumpet; Ray Nance, trumpet, violin; Johnny Hodges, alto sax; Russell Procope, clarinet, alto sax; Paul Gonsalves, tenor sax; Harry Carney, clarinet, baritone sax, bass-clar; Jimmy Hamilton, clarinet, tenor sax; Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders, trombone; Duke Ellington, piano; Billy Strayhorn, celeste; Jimmy Woode, acoustic double bass; James Johnson, drums.

Listen to theme for the main title

Henry Mancini
Touch of Evil
Orson Welles

Musicians: Ray Linn, Conrad Gozzo, Pete Candoli, trumpet; Plas Johnson, tenor sax; Dave Pell, baritone sax; Ray Sherman, piano; Barney Kessel, guitar; Red Norvo, vibraphone; Rollie Bundock, acoustic double
bass; Shelly Manne, drums; Jack Costanzo, bongos; Mike Pacheco, congas.

Listen to Reflection from Touch of Evil

Quincy Jones
In Cold Blood
Richard Brooks
Musicians: Buddy Childers, trumpet; Frank Rosolino, trombone; Dave Grusin, clavinet; Gene Cipriano, Bud Shank, William Green, woodwinds; Howard Roberts, guitar; Ray Brown, Andy Simpkins, b soloists;
Carol Kaye, acoustic double bass; Shelly Manne, Earl Palmer, drums; Don Elliott, Emil Richards, percussion.

Hanging Paper from the soundtrack

Bernard Herrmann
Taxi Driver
Martin Scorsese
Musicians: Malcolm McNab, trumpet; Tommy Johnson, Jim Self, tuba; Ronnie Lang, alto sax solos; Emil Richards, percussion.

Main Title

Elmer Bernstein/Chico Hamilton
Sweet Smell of Success
Alexander Mackendrick

Musicians: The Chico Hamilton Quintet (Paul Horn, reeds; John Pisano, guitar; Fred Katz, cello; Carson Smith, acoustic double bass; Chico Hamilton, drums), Pete Candoli, trumpet; Frank Rosolino, trombone; Curtis Counce, acoustic double bass.

Goodbye Baby, from Sweet Smell, by Chico Hamilton

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  1. Chico Hamilton - Goodbye Baby starts like Donald Byrd - Elijah; don´t you?