Friday, July 30, 2010

Eddie Haywood In Dark Corner

Eddie Haywood in a shot from Henry Hathaway's classic film noir, The Dark Corner (1946), starring Lucille Ball. He and his orchestra, which are not showed in the nightclub sequence, play Heywood's blues. At the time of making the film, The Eddie Heywood Sextet was very popular, playing melodic and tightly arranged versions of swing standards. His version of Begin the Beguine became a hit, and three years of strong success followed. During 1947-50, Heywood was stricken with a partial paralysis of his hands and could not play at all. He made a gradual comeback in the 1950s, mostly performing commercial music in addition to composing the standard "Canadian Sunset." Despite a second attack of paralysis in the late '60s, Eddie Heywood continued performing into the 1980s.
Also in another scene from this film, The Mooche is playing in the radio, when William Bendix is trying to find a hideout in Mark Stevens's apartment.

And finally A Bucket Of Blood (1959), Roger Corman's ultra-low-budget, and mini-masterpiece, about creating masterpieces, with a Fred Katz score and an appearance of Paul Horn in the opening sequence. He's playing a beatnik saxophonist in a typical west coast junky-intellectual joint. Music is bad, but what is good about this film is the way Corman shows us that anything bad could be so good in telling us a part - a big part - of the truth.

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  1. Re 'The Dark Corner': I think it was 'Mood Indigo' playing on the radio ... a very low-key version, like the one Coleman Hawkins did.