Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Rock 'n' Roll Recommendations

Recent readings and hearings on the web:

[1] Grateful Dead's two Saturday Night Live performances, one from 1978 and the two and last from 1980. Songs including I Need A Miracle, Good Lovin', Alabama Getaway, Saint Of Circumstance.

[2] Keep On Truckin', on blogspot, has provided a superb 1979 Bob Dylan TV appearance, again from SNL, and the starting point of his famous Gospel influenced tour. Three songs are performed and sidemen are best Nashville session musician that I ever known: Spooner Oldham (keyboard) and Tim Drummond (bass), plus Jim Keltner on drums. All this men where Neil Young's buddies in Harvest sessions. Dig it!

[3] Neil Young’s on the road again, alone and ready for solo sets on what he calls Twisted Road tour. There is a back and forth between new songs and old songs, acoustic and electric guitars, standing and sitting stances, two pianos, an organ. Here is the rare appearance of an old song, “The Hitchhiker,” from a solo electric set of the tour:

Update [January 2011]:
Love and War


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